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Fun casual gaming

Fly the jet don't crash

Download and play for free! 

Do you have the skillz

Seriously, Don't Crash

Fly the jet through an 80s arcade-style landscape dodging electrified gates! Sounds easy right? 

Global Leaderboard

Beat your High score

Fly. Crash. Repeat. Keep flying to beat your previous score. If you get a high score you might make it on to the global leaderboard. You might make it...

Easy sharring

Share with your friends

Challenge your friends and see if they can beat your high score or maybe you're the one that needs to beat theirs. A little competition never hurt anyone.


"The attention to detail in this game is outstanding! It feels as if I am really the one flying the jet and I LOVE the thrill the game brings when I get a highscore! 11/10 would recommend this game!"

Zachary Garwood
- Google Review

"This is a great game. Pretty tough but I play it to kill time. Good soundtrack and nice visuals."

Owen Dh
- Google Review

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